On the living space of modern print media research

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Talking about the living space of modern print media research

whether it is the world's top 500 enterprises or the top 500 Chinese enterprises, although some new companies enter this ranking every year, we can find that in the top 500 enterprises over the years, few consulting and research companies can enter the top 500. McKinsey, Accenture, Bilbo and other consulting companies are well-known all over the world, but they can't enter the world's top 500. It can't be said that these enterprises are not operated well, and the apparent consumption of domestic crude steel will decline at a rate of about 4% per year. On the contrary, they are the leaders of the industry and the leader of the entire consulting and research industry. Even they can't enter the top 500, not to mention the following other market research and market research companies. Therefore, McKinsey's turnover can never exceed that of Microsoft and Motorola, which is the limit of the industry. The market space of the consulting and research industry is so large that it is impossible to surpass the manufacturing industry. Besides, the research of print media is only a part of media research, and media research is a drop in the ocean in the whole consulting and research industry. The market space of the consulting and research industry is still so. How much space is there for the research of print media? Especially when the growth of China's entire print media advertising market slowed down in 2005 and print media was generally depressed, what about the living space of print media research companies and enterprises that rely heavily on print media? At the moment, the "Habitat" issue of print media research has become a topic of concern to many people

it is necessary to explore whether there is living space and how large the space is. In the era of market economy, it can be measured by the supply and demand situation. If it is only to explore the living space of print media research industry, it mainly depends on the demand situation of the market. If there is demand in the market, it means there is living space. If the demand shows an upward trend, it means that the space is increasing. As for the living space of a company, we should also consider the supply situation of the market. If the print media studies that the market is oversupplied, due to the role of the "black hole effect" in economics, the survival of small enterprises will be difficult, and eventually they will inevitably be swallowed or bankrupt

what is the market demand for print media research? Is there any? The answer is yes, and as the advertising market matures, this demand will become stronger. As we all know, there are two main sources of income for newspapers: distribution and advertising. In the current newspaper market, distribution generally loses money, and advertising revenue is the real lifeline of newspapers. Based on this environment, advertisers have naturally become a cash cow for the media. In fact, in the early days, advertisers' advertising was blind. At that time, it was scattered all over the world, and the advertising effect was rarely considered. At that time, the media actually had little demand for media research. However, with the maturing of the advertising market, advertisers begin to pay attention to the advertising effect when placing advertisements, so they have more consideration on the choice of media placement, and gradually realize that it is difficult to believe the one-sided statement that the media should conform to the rules of the relevant skill documents. Therefore, the voice of the media research company in a neutral status has become an important reference for advertisers to make media decisions. Further development, advertisers have gradually transferred their media delivery plans to advertising companies. After this evolution, the importance of media research companies has not been weakened, but has been strengthened. Because advertising companies often act as agents for many media, the information they need to master is required to be more comprehensive and accurate. At the same time, they also need to integrate these information in order to accurately select media and achieve the best advertising effect. In this case, in fact, the neutral identity of the media research company has become a bridge between the media and the advertising company. The media needs to publish its own advantages through the neutral media research organization, and the advertising company also needs to get the real information of the media from the neutral media research company, so the living space of the media research company has been greatly expanded. It can be said that as long as advertisers make rational advertising and rational media selection, media research companies have a lot of living space

secondly, the increasingly fierce competition faced by print media also means that the living space of print media research will continue to expand. Whether it is the competition between print media, or with other media such as television media, radio media, outdoor media, network media, the role of media research companies should not be underestimated. At present, there are two views: first, due to the overall decline of newspaper advertising in 2005, the media research demand will be affected and the space will be greatly reduced; Second, the regional boss believes that media research has little effect on it. These two views are biased. For the former, the decline of the newspaper industry is actually an opportunity for newspapers to carry out a new round of innovation and integration. At this time, the information and suggestions of professional media consulting companies are particularly important. For the second point of view, first of all, newspapers should not limit their competition to similar newspapers. The boss of the region is not the boss of print media, nor the boss of regional media. Maybe in that region, they are still in a state of development. Open the experimental machine measurement and control system software, and TV or network is the real threat to you. At this time, you will also realize that there are still problems in your business, and you still need to innovate and innovate

therefore, the living space of print media research will not be reduced due to the recession of the newspaper industry. On the contrary, in this environment, the demand will be stronger. And with the growing maturity of the advertising market, not only media research, print media research will also gain greater living space. (end)

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