On the method of removing dirt from old film base

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Talking about the methods of removing dirt from the old film base

in daily composition, the film base used as soon as it returns to the experimental interface is mostly new film base. However, the competition in the printing industry is increasingly fierce. Every printing enterprise starts from saving raw materials, and the composition process is no exception, often using the old film base repeatedly. There are many dirt on the film base, especially the residue left by the adhesive tape in summer, which gives operators a headache. If it is not handled well, mopic/shutterstock will prevent the full exposure of the photosensitive layer during printing, and sometimes it will stick to the bottom surface of the glass plate on the upper frame of the printing machine, and a lot of dust will be attached, which will affect the full exposure of the photosensitive layer during the next printing. If the non graphic part is OK, deal with it with dirt remover; If it's a graphic part, it's a troublesome thing. At least, wipe the residue left by the adhesive tape with your hand (the residue does not prevent the full exposure of the photosensitive layer, but sticks to the surface of the PS plate), and then wipe it repeatedly with your finger dipped in the developer. You need to wipe it for many times to make the photosensitive layer covered by the residue develop again; In particular, you need to repair or scrap the whole printing plate with a plate repair knife. To prevent similar situations, the following two methods can be adopted:

(1) within the scope of conditions, wipe the dirt on the sheet base with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol, (4) threading and rolling process of special high-temperature endurance testing machine for thermal insulation profiles is an important process, because the alcohol is relatively pure and contains a certain amount of water, the dirt is easy to wipe off after absorbing water, and the alcohol volatilizes quickly, After dirt removal, OPM obtained FDA approval again in July 2014 to produce facial implants for specific patients, and the film base can be used soon

(2) try to be careful when uncovering the film base. Those that can be handled at that time will never be treated later. If the uncoiled film base is not used temporarily, it should be packed in paper bags to avoid contact with dirt, so as to protect the film base and facilitate its next use

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