On the management of factory workshop

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Talking about factory workshop management

factory management is actually workshop management, because the production workshop is the main body of the implementation of the company's business plan. The success of the management process is directly related to the smooth realization of the company's policies and objectives. Our factory buildings, equipment and environment are first-class, but at present our efficiency and output value are low. Of course, there are many factors: material delay, personnel instability and so on. But we should also reflect on ourselves. It is unwise for everyone to only see each other's problems and ignore their own shortcomings. Undeniably, the delay of materials restricts the improvement of production efficiency, but is process control and on-site management in place? For example, 24 people (including 1 line length, 2 quality control and 1 pulling aid)/8 hours/4800pcs. If this line produces 1000pcs in 8 hours, is it normal? Where is the man hour? I learned from many workshop directors and even employees that they all agree that many aspects of our management are not in place, so the primary task facing the factory is to integrate existing resources and strengthen management

1. Formulate and improve the management system and strengthen the implementation

formulate the code of conduct of employees, draw up documents, pay attention to operability, try to make every action have clear regulations, and update them in time according to the use feedback, change no regulations to regulations, and regulate the behavior of employees in all aspects. Through daily inspection and supervision, gradually cultivate employees' good working habits, encourage employees to consciously follow the procedures, solidify good behavior and correct bad behavior

2. Take various effective measures to stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of employees and reduce their mobility

in accordance with the principle of distribution according to work and more pay for more work, flexible and diverse assessment measures are taken, post pacesetters are selected every month, advanced are encouraged, and post production backbones are established At present, our company's piece price is high, so we need to recalculate the unit price, so as to ensure the effectiveness and operability of piece price. The company can hold various recreational and sports activities from time to time to create a good corporate culture and enhance the sense of ownership of employees

3. Managers should clarify the division of labor and accurately position

members of the grass-roots management team come from all over the world and have different strengths (qualities). After clarifying their responsibilities, a special person is responsible for all work, and the management structure is clear, "in their position, do their duties". At the same time, it is also necessary to accurately position the managers, change their ideas, enhance their sense of responsibility, and be close to the employees

4. Record system events and transients, strengthen internal communication, and advocate the cultural concept of "H plus e according to the following standards: - -- arc height at the third load to rated load, sincere cooperation"

as a bridge between the company and employees, managers should accurately convey the company's management intention to each employee and truly implement it in daily production work. At the same time, by going deep into the production site, maintaining communication with employees, encouraging employees to put forward reasonable suggestions according to their careful observation and thinking at work and other ways, collect employees' suggestions and demand information, and take timely measures to solve their problems and do a good job of service. Managers should take personal responsibility, strengthen communication and cooperation, and gradually form a good working atmosphere of "everyone does things well, and I create conditions for others" in the workshop, so as to fully stimulate employees' work initiative and enthusiasm. (Symposium, morning meeting, rationalization suggestions) (end)

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