On the marketing secrets of China's paint industry

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Enterprise competitiveness looks at the marketing "secret" of China's coating industry

enterprise competitiveness looks at the marketing "secret" of China's coating industry

December 28, 2009

[China coating information] the market plays a very important role in marketing like a person's central nervous system. In all kinds of marketing practices, the interaction between the marketing department and the sales department completes the corresponding marketing tasks. The main task of the marketing department is to build a bridge with consumers. Figuratively speaking, it is to solve the problem of consumers from "initial trust" to "final trust". More popularly, it is to solve the problems of "how people come" and "how people pay". Therefore, the marketing department of coating enterprises has become the strategic research center of the whole company. With the increasingly fierce market competition, more and more companies begin to pay attention to the construction of the marketing department. However, in the process of the construction of the marketing department for the convenience of operation, many heads of the marketing department often ignore the construction of some key details, which leads to the small role and low efficiency of the whole marketing department. The following is a list of six details to be considered in the construction of the marketing department

detail 1: the personnel of the marketing department are more refined than more

in the early stage of construction, the marketing department often needs to recruit talents to supplement positions. Department managers are often willing to fill in the staff as soon as possible and do a big job. As a result, all staff are recruited in less than a week. Three months later, it was found that there was still a certain gap between the ability of new recruits and the company's requirements, resulting in many early-stage plans not being completed on time. After getting along for a period of time, department members have become "buddies", and department leaders do not have the courage to "break Wang Zuo's arm". In this way, a group of sheep live a "warm" life with each other, lacking innovative divergent thinking. Some department managers often think that 1 Forming conditions: there are many people with great strength, and three cobblers are the top Zhugeliang. Expanding the staffing of the Department to the maximum has resulted in low per capita wages in the Department and mediocre talent recruitment. For more than half a year, no one has been able to put forward independent ideas and no performance. Such examples are common in reality

from the perspective of enterprise competitiveness, the marketing "secret" of China's coating industry

the marketing department is the brain of the whole company. The market is a job of technology and experience. In addition to having a certain marketing foundation, personal experience and active thinking will affect the work performance. The effect of famous market elites is more remarkable than that of the last salesperson. Excellent marketing staff are often able to fend off one side, and are competent for all kinds of planning, all kinds of copywriting, sales training, market research and analysis and other marketing work. Given the salary budget given by the company, department managers need to reduce the headcount, improve the treatment, and recruit high-quality talents to join when designing the Department post system. The staff in the marketing department are more refined than many

detail 2: pay attention to marketing planning

the marketing department of some companies gives the impression that it is to do advertising reimbursement, draw pictures, and manage some gifts received from the chemical business department. Even the marketing department of some companies is responsible for developing customers and doing business. The work of marketing is divided into "sales" and "sales". The "sales" refers to the relevant marketing work, and the "sales" refers to the channel sales work. The definitions of sales and marketing are different. Marketing planning should be the focus of the whole marketing department, which needs to be paid more attention, focusing on the research of industry trends, product selling point planning, promotion planning and brand planning

in terms of product planning, can we reorganize the selling points of the company's product line, refine the conceptual communication points of the product line, instill them into various publicity such as promotion, soft text and promotion, and continue to promote this concept in stages and key points. For example, for enterprises in the DIY industry, the "juechen Xia" chassis shaped by the "juechen" concept of power train chassis has turned power train from a fake enterprise into a brand; The "Star waterproof" keyboard of shuangfeiyan, the "double efficiency" concept of Hangjia power supply, and the "double copper" concept of Gigabyte motherboard. While shaping the product concept, it needs to be supported by relevant theories or data, which cannot be imagined out of thin air. For example, some coating enterprises have always emphasized that their products are the most cost-effective products, so what kind of standard is the most cost-effective? Some enterprises emphasize that their products are "the second generation", so what kind of products belong to the first generation? What is the difference between the first generation and the second generation? I don't have a complete explanation of my product concept. What methods can I use to convince consumers

in terms of promotion planning, is the planned promotion innovative and attractive? Is the theme of the promotion related to the product or brand communication? Whether the form of promotion has attracted social attention, and so on

for example, Hangjia power proposed the product concept of "double efficiency" this year, so the promotion theme is "double efficiency, surpassing the peak". We will continue to promote the double efficiency. At the same time, combined with the signing of the Chinese Mountaineering captain Wang Yongfeng as the corporate image spokesperson, we will hold the scratch card promotion activities. The lucky ones can climb the peak together with the Chinese Mountaineering captain, which reflects the brand connotation of Hangjia power to challenge the limit. At the same time, the continuous reporting of relevant events has aroused some social attention

brand planning requires in-depth investigation of the external market environment and the problems of the enterprise brand itself, in-depth analysis of the industry, benchmarking enterprises and user behavior, systematic sorting and analysis of the brand status quo, and finding the internal core problems of the enterprise brand development. At the same time, it is necessary to summarize the successful brand operation experience for many years, complete strategic planning and promotion, sort out the brand structure, and establish the brand positioning Establish brand image and improve brand appeal

detail 3: prepare the annual business plan of the marketing department

we often see this situation: the year is only half over, and advertising and related expenses are almost spent; After the end of the year, many of the market construction costs specified by the company were not invested, and the construction objectives specified in the early stage were not achieved; In the early stage, there was no overall consideration of the marketing mix strategy, and where to go, where to do; The company leaders found that there was no way to measure the performance of the marketing department. The main reason is that the marketing department did not prepare the annual business plan of the marketing department before the year

the annual business plan of the marketing department is the strategic thinking of the whole annual work and the embodiment of the ability of the whole marketing department. It is used to guide the focus of paint market work throughout the year and to measure the annual work performance of the marketing department. Generally, this plan starts to plan for the next year three months before the end of the fiscal year, because it needs to spend enough time to discuss and negotiate. After the final version is formed, the annual marketing tactics will be carried out according to this version

the annual business plan of the marketing department is the focus of all marketing staff and the embodiment of the ability level of the whole marketing department. It includes annual marketing strategic planning, marketing mix strategy, organization construction and budget, etc. The key performance indicators can be used to measure the work performance of the marketing department. When the marketing department is built, the preparation of the annual business plan of the marketing department is a detail that cannot be ignored

detail 4: pay attention to the supporting work of the relevant management of the marketing department

some companies blindly pay attention to the performance indicators of the whole department in the process of the construction of the marketing department, and put all their energy into the work of relevant assessment indicators, often ignoring the construction of the supporting work of the operation and management of the marketing department, resulting in the adverse phenomena of low work efficiency, delayed communication and slow information feedback

the marketing department will inevitably involve the application, review and reimbursement of advertising expenses, the management of various promotional gifts, the statistics of product inventory and other related work. In terms of the operation and management of the marketing department, is there any relevant management software to improve the efficiency of the whole department? For example, can the agency's advertising expenses be applied for and approved on? Is there a platform for sales training? Can the quantity, type and inventory of gifts be updated and checked at any time? Can customers' complaints be known and handled at the first time? Can all kinds of sales policies be notified? Is there a fixed platform for agents to check relevant information? Whether the company and agents have established a unified communication platform, etc

detail 5: corporate image window construction

reflect the corporate image window of the company. The first is the official website of the company. Some companies' own official stations are either old-fashioned in design and incomplete in function, or cannot vividly reflect the company's corporate culture and strength, or no one updates them every six months. Imagine a consumer who is still very strange to his company. When logging in to the company website, what he sees is the information of the previous year. The company's image does not effectively make consumers associate. How can the enterprise brand be promoted? The marketing department, which is responsible for the company's image construction, often ignores these key details

pay attention to stations, analyze station traffic, and often get some useful market information

secondly, the magazines published by the company are equally important. Enterprise internal magazines are an important means of enterprise brand publicity, and the marketing department of many companies has not been established. If the enterprise magazine can have a certain influence in the channel, the brand of the enterprise will be indirectly improved a lot

detail 6: establish a communication mechanism

Sales revolve around the market, and the market revolves around products. Market work needs to be combined with sales and products. It is very important to establish an effective communication mechanism between marketing department and sales department, product department and agents. Does it stipulate that business personnel have the obligation to accurately feed back market information? Do you have a detailed understanding of product development progress and production? Can the feedback of agents be handled effectively and timely? Can the relevant policies be smoothly communicated and implemented? Whether we have effectively listened to the suggestions of the sales line in the development, naming, pricing, listing and promotion of each new product. To establish an effective communication mechanism, we should first establish a regular meeting system, a brainstorming system and an information feedback system for business personnel between departments. Secondly, we can use the company station to establish a unified communication platform. Finally, an inter departmental workflow system can be established

to do the market is to do the details. Whoever does the details well will win the market. In the construction stage of the marketing department, the construction of details often affects the completion of the work performance of the whole marketing department

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