Latest quotation of Panjin Petrochemical

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The latest quotation of Panjin Petrochemical

a polyethylene production line originally used by Panjin Petrochemical to produce 5010 is changed to LLDPE, and now the quotation of LLDPE is 5050 yuan. HDPE 5010 is a high-density polyethylene brand with quality equivalent to 5000S, and now the quotation is 5450 yuan. Panjin's traditional product HDPE plastic grade 5070 is priced at 5200 yuan. The retail price of PP F401 is 5000 yuan, and the wholesale price is between yuan

with the record of the domestic hard rubber market, 3 tons of standard coal can be saved under the maximum tension. Recently, the ex factory price of Panjin Petrochemical hard rubber products has also decreased. It is understood that the types of materials and additives authorized in the new national standard are not widely and fully adjusted, but 2/3 of the products are medium and low-end products. The quotation of ABS ch510 is 7200 yuan, the polystyrene production line is recently used to produce hips, and the quotation of hips 825 is 5450 yuan

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