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Remove the transformer in Fuding Jinshan Stone Industrial Zone! Where is Fuding Blackstone road

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Fuding Bailin Jinshan Stone Industrial Park is a provincial Stone Industrial Development Zone in Fujian Province. The park mainly deals with Fuding black, pearl black, desert brown and other stones. Fuding black, also known as basalt, is called Fuding black for all experimental machine manufacturers because it is produced at the northwest foot of Taimu mountain in Dazhang mountain, Bailin Town, Fuding City, Fujian Province. Fuding black "is a radiation-free, environment-friendly product with high quality and moderate price.". The basalt storage volume of Dazhang mountain in Bailin, Fuding City, Fujian Province is 500 million cubic meters. The ore is exposed on the ground, dark black, dignified and elegant in color. It is a rare high-grade building board in the country. It is one of the national building stone bases, and is named "Fuding black" by the General Administration of building materials of the State Council

there are about 5oo stone plate processing producers in Bailin, nodding and other towns in Fuding, and now there are still more than 300 that insist on starting work. In the peak period, the mining volume of the mine was more than 500 vehicles per day, and now the mining volume is limited to more than 100 vehicles. The industrial zone has a sewage treatment plant and the cost is shared by all producers. Due to excessive mining, the storage capacity of the mine has fallen sharply, although the mining volume is limited, once all manufacturers start work, The mine can't afford to mine for 20 years, and the ore will be exhausted. The serious loss of resources has caused the government departments to provide users with reference again. It is said that after 2018, the mining of Fuding black mine will be completely stopped, and the mine will be reserved as a cultural monument for tourists to watch. I hope that the development of resources and economy can protect the ecological environment at the same time, leaving more than a memory for future generations

Fuding City will vigorously invest in the supporting infrastructure construction of Bailin Stone Industrial Park, absorb and integrate Township stone processing enterprises such as Bailin, nodding, Taimu mountain, and create a modern Bailin basalt stone Industrial Park

Fujian Dazhangshan basalt mine is located in the south of Bailin Town, Fuding City, Ningde, adjacent to Shacheng port, with convenient maritime transportation. Dazhang mountain is composed of a single basalt. The stratum is the tertiary foxian group, which is the age of the tertiary Himalayan movement. The rolling mill commissioning volcanic activity will be carried out in December. With the advantages of stable lithology, dark rock color, dignified and elegant tone, good compression and bending resistance, it has become a basalt mine for mining and processing building decorative panel stones. Dazhangshan mine is 800 meters long from east to west, 450 meters wide from north to south, and covers an area of 0.21 square kilometers. The total reserves of basalt in the mine are 50million cubic meters, and the minable volume is 38million cubic meters, which can last for more than a century. In 1992, it was officially exploited and put into operation, and its scale and benefits continued to expand, winning huge economic benefits. As a result, the "Fuding black" basalt veneer board is famous at home and abroad. The stone processing industry has become the pillar industry of Fuding, and Bailin town has become an important town in eastern Fujian, and has won the reputation of "hometown of basalt in China" and "China's top ten stone export bases". The basalt columnar joints exposed by mining are very spectacular. If used for tourism development, it will be a top-grade Geopark

recently, I have heard and seen almost every day that stone enterprise owners have been arrested by the government for resuming production without authorization. A provincial stone industry development zone with an annual output of 200000 tons of cobalt based Fischer Tropsch synthesis demonstration devices has been built in more than 20 years. Over the years, the business owners have set up factories in accordance with the law and paid taxes in accordance with the law, which has solved the problem of farmers in poor mountainous areas getting rid of poverty and becoming rich, driven the vigorous development of the tertiary industry, and made indelible contributions to the national and local economic construction. Now (since October 10), overnight, all production and business activities of the enterprise are regarded as illegal, and they should be prevented by Japanese and caught by thieves. The game of cat and mouse has been played between the government and business owners. It's really sad. Where should Fuding black stone go

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