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The packaging box for bathing supplies of "warm Island Resort" is made of micro corrugated cardboard, die-cutting with a small die-cutting machine, and then folded by hand. Different from ordinary corrugated board, the corrugated board has only two layers of core paper and inner paper. The exposed core paper is like undulating waves, which is more warm and romantic. The bow tie made with grass green ribbons looks like a set of exquisite gift plates

because the corrugated surface is not suitable for printing, the manufacturer has cleverly solved this problem. A small green circular self-adhesive label which is the same as the bow is pasted above the bow. For many companies in the material industry of Guohao Convention and Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which perform the composite material, the hotel name and the name of the contents in both Chinese and English are printed. At the same time, it can make passengers feel the delicacy of the hotel and bring a warm feeling to the passengers

information source: Global corrugating industry

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