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Packaging anti-counterfeiting and solutions for daily chemical products

in view of the fact that counterfeit products are impossible to prevent in the domestic washing and cosmetics market, P & G invested nearly onemillion US dollars to introduce high-tech anti-counterfeiting technology similar to paper money printing and passport making into its bagged shampoo products for the first time

examples of daily chemical packaging anti-counterfeiting

in view of the situation that counterfeit products are impossible to prevent in the domestic washing and cosmetics market, P & G invested nearly US $1million to introduce high-tech anti-counterfeiting technology similar to paper money printing and passport making into its bagged shampoo products for the first time

it is reported that the main purpose of putting high-tech anti-counterfeiting labels on products this time is to help wholesalers and dealers effectively identify genuine and fake P & G products. The outer packaging boxes of the newly launched packaged shampoo such as Piao Rou, panting and haifeisi are pasted with the unique anti-counterfeiting label feature of coding made with the most advanced anti-counterfeiting technology in the world. In order to ensure the authenticity, there are 11 anti-counterfeiting technologies. Wholesalers or dealers can compare these anti-counterfeiting features one by one when purchasing a whole box of goods, and market managers can also use tools for on-site identification. Due to the high cost and high scientific and technological content of anti-counterfeiting technology, it is difficult for counterfeiters to completely imitate

packaging anti-counterfeiting characteristics of daily-use chemical products

daily-use chemical products usually include cosmetics, washing products, toothpaste, beauty and skin care products, hair care products, soap products, films, ink cartridges, etc. these products not only require the packaging to have anti-counterfeiting function, but also require their unique appearance image on the shelf

more importantly, daily chemical products are usually packaged in small packages or close fitting packages to ordinary consumers; Face the distributors of intermediate sales links in the way of large packaging such as cartons. For this reason, a successful packaging anti-counterfeiting not only lies in the operability in production, but also takes into account the appearance appeal and function on the shelf. At the same time, how to prevent counterfeiting, combat counterfeiting and prevent fleeing sales should also be considered

current anti-counterfeiting methods and main use methods of daily chemical packaging

due to the above anti-counterfeiting characteristics of packaging, the main anti-counterfeiting methods available in the market at present are:

1 Label pasting: paste the self-adhesive label designed and made with anti-counterfeiting technology on the outer package or seal of the product, and consumers can pay attention to identifying the anti-counterfeiting label when purchasing. This label type anti-counterfeiting is simple and easy to combine with short-term advanced anti-counterfeiting technology. It is often used for low-value daily chemical products, or the choice of preventive anti-counterfeiting at the initial stage of entering the market. Therefore, it can be a laser holographic mark, a coded anti-counterfeiting query label, a texture query label, a dripping disappearance reversible mark, a thermosensitive reversible identification mark, a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting mark, a DNA detection identification mark, and so on. Sometimes, in order to prevent the repeated use of labels, it is necessary to add the anti stripping function

2. Anti counterfeiting design of packaging contents: the contents of daily chemical packaging, such as product instructions and operation instructions, are designed as application products of anti-counterfeiting technology, so as to facilitate consumers to identify the authenticity of daily chemical products before use. This method is usually completed with special security anti-counterfeiting paper or special design security printing paper. For example, Aoqi skincare products use the watermark paper with the company logo as the printing paper of the manual to achieve the overall anti-counterfeiting effect by local anti-counterfeiting. However, this method requires that brand products have a large market sales volume in order to reduce costs

3. Design anti-counterfeiting of product outer packaging: special anti-counterfeiting design is combined with the original packaging design. Under the condition that the overall effect of the original product packaging is not affected, some civil high security anti-counterfeiting technologies such as easy to identify banknote design technology, visa design technology, passport design technology are used to carry out the local or overall design of the packaging, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. For example, the disturbing invisible graphic design of Zhonghua toothpaste is a safe design plate making technology that is invisible to the naked eye but uses an optical identification plate to see the hidden graphic inside. This technology only needs one-time design, does not affect the printing and production process, and is convenient for businesses to identify, identify and crack down on counterfeit goods on the spot. At the same time, it can also be creatively applied to the authentication of anti fleeing goods and the management and monitoring of distributors and exclusive suppliers

4. Anti counterfeiting of packaging materials: this method includes personalized perspective laser holographic coating, personalized laser holographic hot stamping marks, printing and packaging with special anti-counterfeiting packaging cardboard, etc. Personalized perspective laser holographic coating: a special layer of personalized transparent laser holographic film is coated on the outer package of daily chemical products. Consumers can see the business logo or name with rainbow effect by changing their observation angle. Its shelf is beautiful and does not affect the overall effect of the original package. For example, this method is used for gaolujie toothpaste

personalized laser holographic hot stamping logo: directly hot stamping the laser holographic logo on the outer packaging of daily chemical products to integrate it with the packaging, which is obviously different from the paste logo. The location is always at the eye-catching position of the packaging, such as the small box of Kodak film, the small box of Manting soap, etc; Printing and packaging with special anti-counterfeiting packaging cardboard

5. Special printing machine printing process anti-counterfeiting: if the Gravure plastic printing machine with more than 9 colors is used to print the packaging bag or box at one time. Such anti-counterfeiting technology is commonly used in washing powder products in plastic bags or products such as monosodium glutamate

6. Anti fleeing query system and distribution control:

the system can be one of the earliest environmentally friendly plastic packaging materials in the market to facilitate consumers to query whether they are genuine products, improve the structural durability and whether they are fleeing goods, and assist in cracking down on counterfeits or sales management personnel to query and determine whether they are fleeing goods on site; Assist field personnel to identify the source of packaging. The main features of the anti-counterfeiting and anti fleeing goods inquiry system: each product has a unique identity code; The manufacturer can freely divide the sales area or dynamically adjust the sales area of the products being sold at any time; There is no need to make a separate coding anti-counterfeiting label for each sales area, which can be freely distributed during delivery (by segment or recording the corresponding page number); Use anti-counterfeiting shading code to query labels; Or use. The "disturbing invisible graphic design" technology (with its own knowledge, the imitative sensor is used for pre production operation, and the digital sensor right is used for post operation) implements local design anti-counterfeiting for the outer packaging of daily chemical products, which can be carried out in the non scraped or covered area of the packaging, so as to facilitate the anti counterfeiters or market managers to identify the authenticity and source of the packaging on site. This technology does not affect the overall effect and design of the original packaging. Daily chemical manufacturers can use this technology to control the number of prints in the packaging printing plant; This technology is used abroad to prevent counterfeiting and identify banknotes, stamps, etc

anti counterfeiting methods easy to identify by consumers

1 Various anti-counterfeiting labels easy to be recognized by the naked eye: laser holographic labels, anti-counterfeiting shading labels, color changing labels, special paper labels, gravure latent image labels, etc

2. Anti counterfeiting labels that can be identified by means of simple tools or easy to find universal means: such as labels printed with heat sensitive, dripping water disappearing, UV or infrared ink, coding query labels, coding SMS consulting labels, disturbing invisible picture and text labels, etc

3. Laser holographic film coated outer packaging and laser holographic hot stamping marks

4. The outer packaging image of special anti-counterfeiting safety shading design: thanks to the anti-counterfeiting design and some processes of banknotes, the momentum of anti-counterfeiting publicity of banknotes and the cognitive ability of consumer groups on anti-counterfeiting technology of banknotes, it is also one of the best ways to facilitate people to identify the true and false

5. Anti counterfeiting and anti fleeing system that can be queried: for new products or key products with small quantities in the daily chemical industry, it is easy to confirm the authenticity and protect the market. The purchaser should pay attention to the following issues when selecting anti-counterfeiting for the packaging of daily chemical products:

the purchaser should understand the following principles:

1 Packaging design is not only a good-looking appearance for daily chemical products, but also a scientific image to ensure the expressiveness of packaging on the shelf. At the same time, it should conform to the brand concept of the product and serve as a language tool to convey special market information. The packaging design should not only cater to the unique style of the targeted market, but also have the anti-counterfeiting function

2. Who is the anti-counterfeiting in the packaging for? Generally speaking, the market can be divided into two parts: the direct end consumer market and the BtoB distributor market. In the end consumer market of daily chemical products, the support of consumers promotes the development of the market itself, and improves the confidence of retailers and the popularity of products. Therefore, the main purpose of packaging anti-counterfeiting is to protect the interests of consumers, and the established anti-counterfeiting identification should also be convenient for consumers. This technology requires obvious features and is difficult to counterfeit. It can be easily recognized without the help of any instrument

in the BtoB distribution market, large packages are usually used. How to prevent counterfeiting and fleeing sales has become a major problem. Therefore, at this time, the main purpose of packaging anti-counterfeiting is to protect the market interests of the merchants subjectively and the interests of consumers objectively. The anti-counterfeiting technology identification established should not only facilitate the identification of consumers, but also have the function of feature implication. With the help of simple and portable instruments or the function of facilitating the management personnel to identify and distinguish fake goods, it can prevent the monitoring of fleeing goods

3. The added value potential of anti-counterfeiting packaging design is huge. Daily chemical packaging is a rapidly developing industry, and innovation will be the main driving force for its development. Therefore, the development of anti-counterfeit packaging will not only protect the interests of businesses, but also promote the maturity and standardization of the market, and bring a series of benefits to manufacturers, such as maintaining and improving brand advantages and market share

4. How to solve the serious problem of fleeing goods in some sales varieties

how to prevent forgery of the whole package; Exchange sales (shoddy)

how to prevent fleeing sales with anti-counterfeiting marks scraped off or covered by other self-made marks

how to help enterprise market managers identify products, crack down on counterfeiting, and spot check whether they are fleeing goods at any time, especially the identification of products illegally handled by distributors: identifying the true and false, identifying the source of fleeing goods, identifying the source of packaging, etc. These problems should be considered by purchasers when designing or selecting anti-counterfeiting for daily chemical packaging

5. After using the anti-counterfeiting technology, the daily chemical product sales or production company shall provide sufficient publicity support for the anti-counterfeiting means used for consumer identification, such as paying attention to the identified features when advertising the purchase of packaging materials, operation instructions, major distribution supermarkets, specialty stores, etc

6. After using the anti-counterfeiting technology, the sales or production companies of daily chemical products should strengthen the market management and improve the management of agents, distributors and other channels. If they are found to have counterfeiting or fleeing goods, their agency or distribution rights should be canceled; Once it is determined that there is a fake sales behavior, it shall resort to the law or the relevant state departments for investigation and punishment

7. Some suggestions: it is better to use the anti-counterfeiting and anti fleeing system than not to use it; We can't control consumers' buying behavior, but we can guide and prompt them

technical prevention should be combined with prevention; Prevention is to improve the technical difficulty of counterfeiting and channeling, and fighting is to strengthen the monitoring of counterfeiting and channeling. Adopt solutions and comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technologies as much as possible; According to the implementation of anti-counterfeiting, we should choose the opportunity to continuously extend anti-counterfeiting and improve means, such as adding anti-counterfeiting in the manual, anti-counterfeiting in the overall packaging design, invisible graphic design in the small packaging of daily chemical products in each sales area (the graphic can be "the name of the sales area"), etc. When choosing anti-counterfeiting technology, enterprises should combine the actual situation, act according to their ability and choose the opportunity


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