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Packaging bottle of combined shampoo, hair care liquid or bath liquid

[patent type] utility model

[patent name] packaging bottle of combined shampoo, hair care liquid or bath liquid

[applicant] Qi Yuejin

[inventor] Qi Yuejin

[address of the main applicant] 067002 Room 501, No. 7, Guoshan family area, Chenggang Town, Luanhe Town, Chengde City, Hebei Province

[application No.] 3

[current application date] May 23, 2005

[approval Announcement No.]

[approval announcement date] June 21, 2006

[main classification No.] b65d21/02 (2006.01) i

[classification No.] b65d21/02 (2006.01) I b65d1/02 (2006.01) i

[sovereignty item] 1 The utility model relates to a packaging bottle of a combination shampoo, hair care liquid or bath liquid, which is characterized in that each packaging bottle of shampoo, hair care liquid or bath liquid is also provided with a component connected with other packaging bottles. If you want to know more information, please pay attention to this site. Using this component, you can combine two or more originally independent packaging bottles into one bottle

[cd-rom no. of instructions] d

[Abstract] a packaging bottle that can be combined for shampoo, hair care or bath is provided with a rectangular frame (3) on the front bottle wall of the packaging bottle, and a rectangular groove (6) recessed in the bottle wall is provided at the same position on the back of the packaging bottle. The first package is solved by a flexible, light and heat-conducting plastic, It is bound to provide many rare opportunities for the wire and cable industry. The bottling frame (3) is inserted into the rectangular slot (6) of the second packaging bottle, and the convex points (4) and (5) on the frame (3) fall into the concave points (7) and (8) on the inner wall of the slot (6) respectively, playing a locking role. In this way, the combination of the two packaging bottles is completed by pushing the splint into the square holes of the left and right 2 chucks. So that consumers can choose shampoo, conditioner or bath according to their own wishes, and then combine them into one bottle, which is convenient for purchase, carrying, storage and use

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