Packaging and transportation of the hottest potato

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Packaging and transportation of potatoes

* selection of packaging tools

the general principle of the selection of packaging tools is not only to protect the potato from damage, but also to facilitate loading and unloading, and to meet the requirements of economy and durability. Straw bags, gunny bags, bags and cartons are suitable for potato transportation and packaging

straw bag has the advantages of thick, soft and pressure resistant skin. It is suitable for transportation under low temperature conditions and is cheap. The disadvantage is that the string used is low. Generally, it will be worn out after 2-3 times of use

gunny bag has the advantages of firmness and durability, convenient loading and unloading, higher utilization rate than straw bag, large loading capacity, and can be used for many times. The disadvantage is that the leather is thin and soft, with poor resistance to mechanical damage, and the price is higher than that of straw bags. But it can also use repair gunny bags that can not hold grain to pack potato chips, which is more economical and practical

silk bag has the advantages of firmness, durability and convenient loading and unloading. The disadvantage is poor air permeability

bag, which has the advantages of good air permeability, can clearly see the state of seed potatoes, and low price. The disadvantage is that it is too thin and transparent, which is easy to cause seed potato damage

* precautions for potato transportation

transportation is an essential and important link in the process of potato production, supply and marketing. The transportation mentioned here mainly refers to the long-distance transportation from potato origin to processing and consumption areas. Potato itself contains a lot of water and is sensitive to external conditions. It is easy to be frozen when cold, easy to sprout when hot, easy to shrink when dry, easy to rot when wet, and easy to infect diseases when damaged. The potato tissue is young and easy to crush and break, which is related to the safety of rail transit, which brings great difficulties to transportation. Therefore, arranging appropriate transportation time, adopting reasonable transportation means and loading and unloading methods, and selecting appropriate packaging materials are the prerequisites for good transportation. According to the physiological stage of potato and its adaptation range to temperature, it can be generally divided into three transportation periods, namely, safe transportation period, sub safe transportation period and non safe transportation period

the safe transportation period starts when the potato is harvested and has good heat resistance, physical and mechanical properties, insulation properties, etc., and ends when the temperature drops to 0 ℃. During this period, potatoes are in a dormant state, and transportation is the safest, so as to accelerate the product development cycle. During this period, we should seize the opportunity to rush transportation

the second safe transportation period is a period of time when the temperature rises from 0 ℃ to about 10 ℃. At this time, with the rise of temperature, the tuber has passed the dormancy period. When the temperature reaches above 5 ℃, the buds begin to sprout. After long-distance transportation, the tuber will sprout, consume nutrients, and affect the food quality and seed value. Therefore, fast transportation tools should be used to shorten the transportation time as much as possible

unsafe transportation period refers to the whole period when the temperature drops below 0 ℃. In order to prevent potato chips from being frozen, it is better not to transport them during this period. If they need to be transported due to special circumstances, they must be packed and covered with cold proof equipment. It is strictly prohibited to transport them in the morning and in the evening and over a long distance

in addition, for long-distance transportation, not only the temperature in the production area but also the temperature at the destination should be considered. Generally speaking, when transporting from north to south, it should be determined by the temperature of the production area in winter and the climate of the destination in spring; When the potato is transported from south to north, the opposite is true. This can not only prevent the potato from freezing, but also prevent the potato from sprouting


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