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Cosmetics packaging and taste

cosmetics are becoming an essential beauty and skin care product in people's daily life. While beautifying life, cosmetics have also formed a consumer market that contains huge business opportunities and can not be ignored. A variety of skin care concepts emerge in endlessly, and the packaging of various brands compete with each other, dazzling people. Many products sell not only efficacy, but also fashion and culture

the "fashion" and "cultural performance reliability" of cosmetics are usually what we call taste. How to reflect the taste of cosmetics, in addition to product advertising and product counter display, packaging is an important link. Proper packaging can not only directly stimulate consumers' senses, but also reflect the brand's taste incisively and vividly. Therefore, as the "coat" of products, packaging should not only have the function of holding and protecting products, but also have the function of attracting purchase and guiding consumption

cosmetics have great psychological value. Shiseido, CD, Lancome, Givenchy, etc. sell for hundreds of yuan for the same 4G lipstick, while domestic brand lipsticks generally sell for tens of yuan or less. Why is there such a disparity when the product ingredients are similar? This includes the psychological value brought by the potential factors such as the appearance, packaging and decoration, brand name, corporate image and so on

the advertising expenses of cosmetics enterprises generally account for 10%-20% of their sales, and some as high as 30%, but it is impossible for manufacturers to advertise every product. From the perspective of consumer psychology, it is necessary to attract consumers' attention first, so as to trigger consumers' desire to buy. That is, only when the cosmetics themselves attract the attention of consumers, will a series of subsequent behaviors occur. According to the study of human eye movement, people react most quickly to color. The power of packaging may depend on how to reconcile the color contrast to make it lively and eye-catching in the store, and soft but not dazzling after buying it home. When consumers are attracted by their advertisements to stop and wander in front of the cosmetics display rack, the packaging design of the product itself or its terminal image will fail if it fails to arouse their interest

consumers' shopping psychological activities and functions are also different due to differences in age, gender, occupation, culture and economic level. For example, mature consumers, working class, housewives and those with little economic income are mostly realistic; Young people, intellectuals and those with better economy are mostly seeking beauty; White collar workers and extroverts pay more attention to "outstanding". Therefore, different packaging design strategies should be selected according to the target consumer groups of product positioning

now, cosmetics enterprises commonly use the following packaging and marketing strategies:

the first is a series of packaging. The same product or brand produced in the enterprise adopts the same pattern and color to remind customers that this is the family of the brand. This kind of packing is very popular at present. For example, in order to reflect the theme of returning to nature, the biochemical plant series produced by Pengshi cosmetics company in Hong Kong adopts light green series packaging, including light green frosted glass bottles and hoses of the same color system, giving people a fresh visual effect

second, combined packaging. That is to say, the products for relevant purposes are sold simultaneously in a large packaging box or bag. For example, many functional product sets include facial cleanser, massage cream, facial mask, nutritional water, nutritional cream, etc., which is convenient for customers to purchase and more affordable than a single product. Third, multi-purpose packaging. That is, after the product is used up, its packaging does not need to be discarded and is easy to be used for other purposes. For example, several toothbrushes are placed on the toothbrush rack, and soap is placed in the soap box. Toothbrush holder and soap box can be reused. At present, the more commonly used are gift packaging, solicitation packaging, positioning packaging, etc

in terms of packaging color and form, yellow and triangle are attractive, but this does not mean that people will like them. When customers go to the store or supermarket to level the surface with a trowel, they will see that many attractive packages are printed with "the latest formula" or "get some free for some purchases". In fact, these words are not part of the basic packaging of the product. They are called "abnormal actions" in the industry. The purpose is to provide consumers with reference for purchase and stimulate consumers' desire to buy

in the marketing behavior of modern cosmetics, the packaging of cosmetics is its silent advertising, which can play the effect of "stones from other mountains can attack jade"

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