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Packaging and transportation of personal belongings

when you enter or leave the country, do you often worry about many personal belongings you carry with you? These belongings are either too large and heavy, or they are easy to be damaged, and it is extremely inconvenient to check in and carry on the plane. If the airline arranges the shipment, the cost is too high for you to accept. Don't worry, Haibao company can help you out. Relying on her business advantages in the international shipping and air transportation industry, she will develop the best transportation operation process for you according to the characteristics of your personal belongings. We provide you with customized transportation packaging, door-to-door pick-up, warehousing, customs declaration and inspection, transportation, customs clearance and other one-stop services

our clients:

the majority of overseas students, immigrants and foreign students, foreign staff in China, embassy staff and their families

our service scope:

you only need to dial one to provide a high-quality platform for exchange, learning and cooperation in the industrial field, and we will complete everything else. Here are some details about the transportation of personal belongings:

I. choose sea or air transportation services according to the number and time requirements of your belongings:

1 Port to port service: from Shanghai port to destination port or airport

2 Door to door service: door to door delivery from the goods location to the destination

3 Choose a suitable shipping date or flight time

II. Packaging

provide you with the same packaging method as DuPont high performance materials division according to different items:

1. Heavy or valuable and fragile items such as electrical appliances, pianos, furniture, ceramics, handicrafts, etc. shall be packed in wooden cases and filled with fillers to prevent crushing damage

2. Light goods such as daily necessities and books are packed in cartons

3. If there are ultra long and ultra large packages, the exact length, width, height and weight of a single package must be provided when booking space.

when packing, we will do the following work:

(1) make English shipping marks: print the "case number and full name, number and port of destination" on a piece of white paper as a shipping mark, and stick it firmly on the packaging surface, preferably on more than three sides, To distinguish it from other goods

(2) print out a detailed list of all the items contained in the box according to the sequence number, which cannot be written by hand. There must be the name of the items and the number of pieces (the book should list the book name):

(3) record the length, width and height of each box to facilitate the calculation of the volume as the basis for payment. Finally, the warehouse ruler certificate shall prevail

III. customs clearance:

a. if you are an overseas immigrant, please bring the use photo, visa, invoice of newly purchased items, detailed list of items, volume and estimated weight list of protective plastic on household appliances

b. if you are a resident of Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macao: Please bring your Taiwan compatriot Certificate (or residence permit), study or work certificate, invoice for newly purchased goods, list of goods, volume and estimated weight list

c. if you are a foreigner: Please bring your passport, visa, invoice for newly purchased goods, work permit, residence permit, detailed list of goods (signature required), volume and estimated weight list

d Commodities purchased for tourism (only for foreigners): passport, visa, power of attorney for customs declaration, detailed goods list (signature required), invoice, foreign exchange memo

note: when the above documents are cleared, the customs requires that the original must be provided

IV. picking up the goods at the port of destination

when the ship arrives at the port of destination, the local agency will notify you. You can also query the arrival information of the company on the day when the ship is about to arrive at the port according to the agency information shown on the bill of lading, handle customs clearance, and then pay the fee at the agency to pick up the goods. If the consignee fails to pick up the goods within 3 working days, storage fees will be incurred, which shall be borne by the consignee. The customs clearance passport at the port of destination must be consistent with the customs declaration passport at the port of departure, and carry an English cargo list

guidelines for picking up personal belongings at the port of destination

a. if your goods are carried by our company for the consignee, our agent at the port of destination will notify the consignee within days before the ship arrives at the port of destination. As the notified party, the consignee should provide the correct communication method that can be contacted on normal working days. At the same time, the consignee can also take the initiative to inquire the arrival information of the goods from the agent at the port of destination before the ship arrives at the port according to the agent information shown on the bill of lading

b. if the goods have been confirmed to arrive at the port, the consignee can contact our agent for document replacement and payment, and then the consignee can entrust a local customs broker to handle customs clearance procedures, or entrust our agent at the port of destination to handle them

c. if customs clearance is no longer within the scope of our company's transportation, the expenses incurred shall be settled separately with the unit entrusted by the person receiving the goods, which not only makes up for the blank of aluminum alloy in chassis utilization. If the customs clearance is within the agency scope of our destination port, the customs clearance fee shall be settled separately with our destination port agent

d. after the goods are cleared and the relevant fees at the port of destination are delivered to our agent, the consignee can take the goods with the d/o bill to the warehouse designated by our agent

e. note that the customs clearance passport at the port of destination must be consistent with the consignee marked on the bill of lading, and a detailed list of goods in English must be prepared. The customs clearance documents are different for each port of destination, and the local customs requirements shall prevail

f. if our company is required to do so, the consignee shall send the documents required for customs clearance to our agent in advance. After customs clearance, our agent will deliver the goods to the place designated by the consignee, but the prepaid door arrival fee only includes the cost of on-board delivery, and the driver shall be paid the corresponding handling fee if handling is required


a. fumigation and quarantine procedures need to be handled for wooden case packaging and wooden articles to Australia, Canada, the United States and New Zealand. If the goods to Australia are fumigated, Australian customs requires cnee to fill in a packaging statement

b. the following articles cannot be taken out of the country

1 Counterfeit currency and counterfeit securities

2 Printed matter harmful to China's politics, economy, culture and morality, as well as manuscripts, film photos and audio tapes involving state secrets

3. Precious cultural relics and cultural relics prohibited from leaving the country

4 Endangered and precious animals and plants (including specimens) and their seeds and reproductive materials

c. the following articles are limited when leaving the country

1 Gold and silver products shall not exceed 50g

2 Tobacco and alcohol shall not exceed the reasonable quantity (1-2 boxes) for self use

3. Personal belongings in New Zealand cannot contain any commercial goods (for retail sale), taxable goods (tobacco and alcohol) and any goods that should be quarantined (such as food, meat and beverages), otherwise they will be prosecuted by the local customs

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