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According to the market trend, wardrobe enterprises have entered a critical period of transformation and upgrading. The author believes that for wardrobe enterprises, the transformation of wardrobe enterprises should rely more on the innovation of marketing methods, the change of their own technology and the optimization of enterprise management. The coordinated development of the three can promote the improvement of relevant brand recognition, which may promote the successful realization of "innovation breakthrough". Wardrobe enterprises should take the road of innovative research and development, and 2017 is the overall wardrobe brand Deville

loss of traditional advantages "three product strategy" helps enterprises break through bottlenecks

as China's economic development enters a new stage, China's demographic dividend gradually fades. While traditional advantages continue to be consumed, other secondary drivers have not grown up, which mainly shows the lack of technological innovation in the wardrobe industry. It is precisely because of this environment that the "three product strategy" came into being. The proposal of the "three product strategy" aims to improve the variety richness, quality satisfaction and brand recognition of consumer goods, enhance the adaptability of products and services to consumption upgrading, and better help conscience enterprises break through the current bottleneck

it is true that the loss of cost advantages such as manpower and land is irreversible in the current environment, and innovative research and development and the rise of technology are our only way in the long run, but this road has a long way to go. At the current stage of the development of the wardrobe industry, the product distribution has been able to cover three levels: high, medium and low, and provide corresponding products according to different market needs to meet the needs of the market in many aspects. However, intensifying technology research and development is still an important way to achieve industrial transformation. How to treat the "embarrassment" and "innovation breakthrough" of the current wardrobe industry, so that the "three product strategy" can be better implemented, is what enterprises should pay attention to

meeting the diversified needs of consumers has become the "breaking point" of the wardrobe industry.

like many products, the consumer body of the wardrobe industry has changed from the "Post-70s" to the "post-80s" in recent years, and now some of the "post-90s" have also joined the consumer army. The change of age brings changes in market demand. The personalization of appearance makes the wardrobe industry rethink product design. How to use the existing technology to maximize the diversified needs of consumers has become a major pain point and breaking point of the wardrobe industry. In addition, it is a practical problem that the industry needs to face that we should not only pay attention to the needs of consumers for decoration design, but also take into account the environmental protection of the houses after decoration

after more than ten years of development, many brands have worked hard, and the product quality has reached the international leading level, but it is still tepid. There have never been domestic well-known brands such as Haier in the industry, and the public's awareness and trust of brands in the industry are relatively low. This is an era of "the fragrance of wine is also afraid of the depth of the alley". There is no marketing for products. Even if the products are no better, the public is difficult to make the best choice in the face of various information explosions, affected by many aspects

product quality and product marketing are the "two legs" of wardrobe enterprises, which are indispensable. The national launch of the "three products" strategy is to hope that enterprises can make great efforts in their internal skills, but for wardrobe enterprises, how to better enter the public's vision and then into the public's life is also the key to success

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