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House decoration is directly related to the comfort of our future living conditions for these flat headed old people. I hired a decoration company. Although I spent a lot of effort in selecting the decoration company and thought that the decoration company was reliable, I still need to hire a supervisor to ensure that everything is safe. Of course, this refers to a third-party supervision company. If you choose the supervisor of the decoration company, the element of luck is a little big. But this decoration supervision also has several classifications. Which one should we choose? Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian will take you to know

3. Characteristic supervision

of course, this kind of supervision is also included in the whole process supervision. The most common cases are the house inspection after just buying a house and the review of the budget given by the decoration company. These two cases are the most characteristic supervision. The professional knowledge required for house inspection is very deep, and ordinary people can't recognize it at all, and the quality of the house needs to be verified most, because those who need to live for a long time in the future need to be responsible for the safety of themselves and their families; In fact, the review of the budget is mainly about the review of materials, because the water in building materials is too deep, not to mention ordinary people, even how many veterans will have drilling time, and choosing the supervisor to help the review can make the money spend more realistically. Recommendation: free Supervision: there are many problems in hydropower acceptance (Figure)





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